31 October, 2023

eBike Tour of Madrid’s Christmas Lights: Unforgettable Journey

“The Christmas season is coming, and Christmas in Madrid is one of the most enjoyable months of the year. The city is busier than ever in December, and when I say busy, I mean an unparalleled festive atmosphere. Many tourists, both Spanish and foreigners, come to Madrid to enjoy the magical Christmas lights, colors, music, markets, and much more, creating a unique experience in the capital of Spain.

Rent & Roll’s Madrid Christmas Lights eBike Tour

Between November and January, every year Madrid lights up with colors, music, and a festive atmosphere in preparation for the Christmas holidays. Our Christmas bike tour in Madrid is the perfect way to explore the city during this time of year. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and is done on electric bicycles. During this tour, we ride through the most beautifully illuminated streets, monuments, and city icons that take on an atmosphere of magic. Our guide will not only show you the illuminated city but will also accompany the route with stories and anecdotes that will make you fall in love with the city even more. Halfway through the tour, we enjoy some delicious churros with chocolate, the quintessential Madrid winter treat. Excited? Book your Christmas tour here: www.rentandroll.es

Practical information about the Christmas electric bike tour:

Start time: Our Christmas electric bike tour in English starts at 6:00 PM. Price of the bike tour: 35 euros on an electric bike. Meeting point: Near Retiro Park at Calle Felipe IV 10, Madrid, Google Maps. Duration of the bike tour: Approximately 2 hours. Places of interest during Christmas in Madrid

Admiring the beautiful nativity scenes in Madrid is a must during Christmas. They are often found on the streets, shop windows, churches, and public spaces. The government of Madrid has a page where you can see exactly where these nativity scenes are located. Some of the most beautiful nativity scenes include those at Palacio de Cibeles (Nov 25 to Jan 5), Plaza Mayor (Nov 26 to Dec 31), and the luminous nativity scene in Plaza de España.

Take a stroll through the famous Plaza Mayor or Plaza España and visit their Christmas market. There are many Christmas stalls where you can buy all sorts of charming gifts, including the fun hats and decorated caps you’ll see all over the city during this season. There’s also a beautiful Christmas tree and many decorations. As you wander through the Christmas market, you’ll smell roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes. You can enjoy a good glass of mulled wine at one of the stalls or indulge in delicious churros with chocolate! People come from far and wide to enjoy the festive atmosphere!

Dates of the Christmas season

December 22: National Lottery Drawing. The Christmas national lottery has become a true holiday tradition, and everyone has a number to try their luck. You can buy a ticket in almost any part of the city, they are sold in lottery shops, but also in bars, restaurants, clubs, groups, etc…

Christmas Eve: On December 24, Christmas Eve is celebrated with a family dinner. Traditional Christmas carols are often sung by children, and they eat turrons, chestnuts, and sweet potatoes. Many families then attend the midnight mass, called the “Rooster’s Mass,” which is celebrated at 12:00 AM. The churches are beautifully decorated with an impressive Christmas tree and a nativity scene.

December 25, Christmas Day: On this day, Spaniards often eat and drink with their families. They also organize fun activities like visiting nativity scenes or ice skating.

December 28: “El Día de los Santos Inocentes,” is a day for playing pranks on friends and family, like sticking a paper doll on someone’s back. One classic prank is changing someone’s watch, or making them believe they won the lottery.

December 31, New Year’s Eve in Madrid: Every year there is a big event in Puerta del Sol. Thousands of people gather by the clock tower of the Real Casa de Correos, the post office. People bring 12 grapes with them, and at each stroke of midnight, you must eat a grape. Each grape you eat brings a month of luck in the new year. If you want to attend, be sure to arrive well in advance to avoid being left out, as many people try to get in, but there is limited capacity. It is forbidden to enter Puerta del Sol with glass bottles.

January 6, “Reyes Magos” Day: Spanish children receive gifts on January 6 from the Three Wise Men. There are many Three Kings’ parades where candies are distributed throughout the city. In summary, it’s not just Christmas in Madrid; the entire winter season is magical in Madrid.

Spanish Delights During Christmas in Madrid

Turrón” and “polvorones” are the most popular Christmas sweets in Madrid. Turrón is a type of nougat made with honey, sugar, egg white, and almonds, among other ingredients. During the Christmas season, they create various variations of this sweet. It’s also a great souvenir to take with you if you’ve been to Madrid. Polvorones are also very delicious, they are sweet, crumbly cookies. “Polvo” means “dust” in Spanish, and they do indeed crumble into dust or crumbs when you eat them.

Churros” are always popular in Spain, but even more so during the Christmas season! It’s cold outside, and dipping churros in hot chocolate provides an extra warm feeling. In my opinion, the best place to enjoy them is at San Ginés.

Roscón de Reyes: In Madrid, they have a tradition called “Roscón de Reyes,” related to the celebration of the Three Wise Men. It’s a cake filled with fruits and lots of whipped cream. There’s a hidden bean and a figurine of a king in the cake, and the person who finds the bean has to pay for the cake.