4 February, 2020

4 Romantic plans to do in Madrid on a bike

enamorados madrid

Are you looking for romantic plans to do in Madrid?  Cycling routes and activities for couples in Madrid . All the routes that we propose here have as a reference a start point: the Retiro park, next to Rent & Roll, where you can rent our bikes and the proper stuff to do it. We indicate the places, with the weblink to the bike route, the distance and an explanation of what you can find.

1 Sunsets in Madrid:

Equip your bike with a basket, a bottle of cava, wine or whatever you like, along with a snack and go with your couple to watch the sunset in Madrid.

You will have to know about the sunset time, because depending on the season, it is at one time or another (Google clarifies that)

In Madrid there are several places where you can see the sunset very well. Here is a list of the most incredible ones:

Alfonso XII’s monument (Retiro Park). 1.5km away. From the staircase in front of the lake, spectacular views of the sunset are seen with the sun’s reflection on the lake. It’s incredible. Used to be people but it is not overcrowded. Usually, you can be relaxed there. Surely you find a corner on the stairs to have your moment with him / her. Also in spring/summer, used to be a guy playing flamenco with a guitar that gives the place an incredible atmosphere.

Debod’s Temple. 5.4km away. It is the most popular place in Madrid for sunsets. So, it is quite overcrowded, but that does not make the site less beautifull (if it’s overcrowded it’s justified), but less private.

Cerro del Tio Pepe. 3.5km away. Spectacular site to see the sunset adding the skyline of Madrid. To go there is a bit of an uphill but nothing hard. The park has 7 mounds (popularly known as “Las 7 tetas”) from which you can go to the top and appreciate the views. Imagine the skyline of the city and the orange-red background sunset… Simply stunning!


2 The best spots for a Picnic in Madrid:

Just like the sunset, we pick up a bike with its basket and picnic blanket. For the picnic, if you do not want to prepare it, we recommend Pastelería Mallorca on Calle Serrano , where you can choose a gourmet picnic very varied and delicious.

Casa de Campo (Mirador de la sartén). 5.8km away. From her, we have the city views surrounded by trees and calm at relaxing atmosphere. This route can be done crossing the city through bike lanes or through Madrid Rio. In this place you will also find tables and benches to be more comfortable. It also has beautifull and comfortable grass to extend and prepare your picnic.

Quinta de los Molinos Park. 7.8km away. In San Blas district we have  this fabulous park where coexists a palace, a lake, gardens and lawns, and one of the largest almond tree plantations in the city. To really enjoy  this park I recommend spring season, when the almond trees bloom. Under an almond tree in bloom, with your picnic on the grass, flower petals falling from the trees … and you with your couple… You will feel love is in the air!


3 Madrid Cable Car:

4.8 km away. One of the most romantic plans to do in Madrid is to combine the bike ride and the Madrid´s Cable Car in “Casa de Campo”. The cable car takes you to Casa de Campo´s center where you can walk and enjoy Madrid´s incredible views. Here you can check prices and schedules.


4 Retiro boats:

1.5km away. Mythical couple plan in Madrid with only one premise: the sooner, the better (on weekends and good weather days queues can be formed on noon and afternoon). After the boat ride, I recommend you to go to  “Casa de las Fieras” (the old zoo)  and look for the Retiro´s Elf, whose story says that, if you see it, your love will be lasting and stable. More info