Bike tours in Madrid

Have fun, meet new people, know the city!

Travelling alone? A weekend with friends? Enjoying family time?

We have the perfect plan for everyone!

Join one of our Madrid bicycle tours with our local guide, who will show you not only the touristic places but also where the locals go.
Meet new people, experience Madrid, learn about the city, and most importantly Have Fun!


Christmas lights bike tour

Cristmas lights of Madrid
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Self Guided Tour – Retiro Park

Self guided tour. Explore the park at your own pace
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Best of Madrid bike tour

Best way to see Madrid in 3 hours
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Private bike tours in Madrid. Personal or groups

The perfect tour, designed just for you
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When choosing between all the guided tours in Madrid, you must keep in mind, first and foremost, your personal circumstances and preferences.

Our company offers all kinds of bicycle tours in Madrid, so for sure you will find one that suits all your needs.

You will spend a few hours touring the city on a bicycle, so it’s very important that you choose a professional company that makes sure you’ll do it in most safe and confortable way possible.

How to achieve it? In Rent & Roll we make it very easy for you. Choose one of our quality guided bike tour in Madrid, carried out by professionals, which has been enjoyed by many others before you.

Therefore, we have prepared a selection of our best guided tours in Madrid. Each of them with its particular advantages. With this, we want to help you choose the right one.

Trips and guided tours with Rent and Roll

Why should you choose Rent & Roll for a bicycle tour in Madrid?

  • We consider it a full experince, not just a simple bike tour! You will not only learn about the history of the city, but you will also taste some of the typical dishes, like tapas, in a traditional market, talk with the locals, and understand our culture and traditions.
  • During our tours you will be accompanied by one of our professional guides witch will show you the city in the most fun way. A helmet will always be provided in case you wish for it. The tours are made to avoid all the busiest streets, without missing any of the important monuments in Madrid and always complying with Madrid’s trafic rules.

Among our most famous tours we have:

  • The best of Madrid: a tour made especificly to give you a general idea about the city. in this tour you will see all the highlights as well some of the palces where local go.
  • Retiro Park: a tour perfect if you travel with kids, and you just want to relax.
  • Madrid at Night: a tour where you will be surprised how amazing the city is at night with all it’s lights.



Different types of guided tours in Madrid

There are so many ways to get to know Madrid. Doing a guided tour is the best and most popular way to do it.

By bicycle: certainly the most appropriate solution if you are looking for comfort, entertainment and freedon to go eveywhere. All of this at a good price.

Walking tours: knowing Madrid on foot is a healthy and always entertaining possibility, but you have to focus on just one area of the city, because on foot it is impossible to cover so much in just a short time. And remember that it is essential to be physically fit.

Sightseeing Tours: buses and tuk tuks are the most frequent in the capital. Although, they have an important limitation because  being in the vehicle restrict you to the main roads and doesn’t allow you to enjoy 100% of the city.

In segway: without a doubt, is interesting option if you have enough skill to handle it.

On a scooter: riding a scooter you will get the speed and agility that are much appreciated in all guided tours. Although, you can not visit certain parts of Madrid like the Retiro Park.

What should you take into account when booking guided tours in Madrid?

There are many things to consider when hiring a guided tour in Madrid. It doesn’t matter the type of Tour.

It is very important that you book  in advance. Only to ensure you have availability on the desired date.

Punctuality it’s very important in any guided and organized tour in Madrid. Remember there are others doing the same tour. We suggest you to show up to the meeting point few minutes in advance. If you arrive to early, you can always take the time to meet the new people doing the same tour as you.

Ensuring your safety must always be a priority. Here in Rent & Roll we take it very seriously.

Finally, when booking a tour it’s always a plus if you can choose your language. Our team will make you feel at home.

Discover Madrid with Rent and Roll!