20 January, 2020

What to do in the Retiro with children

Do not know what to do in the Retiro with children?

Now when the good weather has arrived, we are looking forward to filling the terraces and tanning in the sun. The smaller ones too, too many rainy days under the umbrella. It is time to take them to the Retiro park and enjoy a day in family surrounded by nature without leaving Madrid.

The Parque del Retiro offers plenty of options for the little ones. There are boats, playgrounds, landscaped areas, street artists, bicycles, skates and skateboards, all in complete safety without traffic and without pollution (at least not direct).

Another very interesting option for the little ones is to walk and go to see the Royal Turkeys that go to their wide in the gardens of Cecilio Rodriguez. There is forbidden to enter with a bicycle, so if you are going on a bike, it is best to take it outside.

Children will also love the artificial lake of the Crystal Palace where there are ducks and turtles besides a cave with waterfall included … amazing!

If you do not know what to do in the Retiro with children, very close to the entrance of the park is Rent&Roll where you can rent bikes, skates or scooters for the whole family. We have all kinds of baby seat (from 9 months to 4-5 years) and child bicycles, learning without pedals, rollers and different sizes. Our adult bicycles can easily be fitted with picnic baskets and picnic blankets that we also offer. There is no excuse to take the whole family to spend a great day in the Parque del Retiro.

Summary of activities to do in the retiro with children
● Walk and iceccream next to the lake
Boats rental
● Playgrounds
Rent a bicycle
Skating at the statue of the Fallen Angel
● Family Picnic next to the Cristal Palace
● See the peacocks in the gardens of Cecilio Rodriguez
● Visiting the Crystal Palace