Rent and Roll

Are you an experience hunter?

No, we don’t tell you a story. We invite you to write yours on your visit to Madrid by bicycle, skate, rollerblades or electric scooter. We propose you a rolling adventure. No matter what you choose: sliding is something hypnotic, an inertia loaded with magic that will help you discover the city in a more intense, deeper, unbeatable way.

You are not one of those who are content to passively observe things, to travel trite paths. You are a hunter of glittering moments that goes beyond, that throws itself into the adventure to capture memorable trophies. Rolling Hunter: Rent and Roll gives you what you need. We assure you that you will return home with exciting and indelible memories of Madrid. Rent and roll! It is as simple as that.

tour parque retiro

The promoters

Galcerán and Mariko

In love with the bike and in the bike

Galcerán and Mariko, the Rent and Roll’s promoters, met in Barcelona, during a bike ride. When they had their first child, whom they carried in a basket on their bikes everywhere, they realized that the bicycle was more than a vehicle for them. And they wondered: why not live by and for this means of locomotion? Thus was born Rent and Roll.

We are urban
explorer guides

Rent and Roll have everything you want. We guarantee you some memorable and amazing experiences in Madrid

Trust us,
as others did before

Your experience and opinion are everything to us

As simple as that